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Joining Venus Models Online is a great way to promote yourself and get world wide exposure on a 24 hour basis, so that you get placed for work this will allow you to maximize your time and efforts.

You may ask yourself why should I join. Well here are the reasons

  • Venus Models Online was founded by a model. She has the feel and sensitivity for models and people in the entertainment industry. We are here to help you and promote you as talent. Venus Models Online will go above and beyond maximum efforts to promote you as talent.

  • Once you get placed for assignments Venus Models Online makes 20% of what you make. You only pay us from earnings you receive when you get assignments from Venus Models Online only. Giving us reason to work harder for you since we make money when you make money.

  • It's easy you just e-mail us from four to six pictures and give your profile such as Height Weight Hair Color etc. etc along with your contact information and you will have your very own web page.

  • It's going to save you time by allowing you to promote yourself on a 24 hour basis to booking agents and casting agents who are ready to book models.

  • Its safe Venus Models Online does a screening of all booking agents for your safety.

  • It's affordable you only pay a very small fee for your web page and let Venus Models Online do the work for you remember we make money when you make money.

  • Chat live and network with other models in the business

  • It's New! Meaning you can be one of the first models to join giving you an even bigger chance to get a great paying assignment with superior exposure with our promotional invites to top booking agents from

Victoria's Secret

For film print promotional modeling and more

We have 24 hour customer care available

Venus Models Online suddenly giving you the exposure you deserve

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